‘Ganada And Argentina Win Two of of Council Nacancie?.


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seethed Ina state of near over failure yesterday after seven

SOVIET EXTENSION Help Britain’ Overcome MOVES. SFEN NN Nn. REPARATIONS Her Economic Crisis PACKERS’ STRIKE |: ‘pate of winter begins today in {hard times lle -ahead were. the . ; Cs | Time’ Wil Be’ Girenlnce antes grimy urchine of north London ee ee Votes Pend To Make. Payments |roveraments hand in the econ-|for ‘firewood. Last ‘year much wo of the 21 Yankees Scared ae ae Run 4 omic struggle... forays did not take place until] . Sm all In depen de nt 2 romigeticed ice eae Sen eat | en On Three Hits in First Interest in i Mines tal dea acing ‘areas for |Cripps ‘az Minister of Economic anything but business purposes; /Affairs Although Sir Stafford By Jace Rae oe r, officials imposing Yankee lum, New York.) srooKLYN NEW YORK Canadian government has‘granted Toe conc divest teams 10. to essential proerenn 7 lt name le synonymous in some Oot = Ar) Mew Seek 10S a 8 of 1951—in the time allowed the| In addition, the post office] He has has intinated further re Brooklyn Dodgers today in the} Relser, ef Soviet Union to complete pay- and parcels bound for fi = ment of fn ia Une [en prt hey armed [Son henge pret eM Ree Pe g Sv aN

CANADA ALLOWS |New Re ilatior s Will (COLTON | Oct, 1 (CP)—The Byaisoninike ot tie teslinng thal a ve lations designed to strengthen the rip the floor and wall boards From today until further notice {mid-winter when other supplies Of 20 Millions -For |ctize appointment. of © Sir Staffor Plants m Country é Ottaws, Oct. 1. (CP)—The Change jobs in most protesalons sincerely protests that he hates Oct. 1 (AP)—New York Yan-} stanky, tb Stiraweles 2b a 15-month-extension—to the end|work. / = a henceforth has power to open let~ jstrictions and controls will likely taken in the first two of 21 small,| first inning of the second World re suspected States funds as compensation forjof containing pound notes .or land few doubt

plants could swell the number of the Canadian interest in the jValuables | ead. [oome: Rerike-idle United Packinghouse | ™Y Henrich, followed by John- Nickel Min hich |, Adding cate Workers of Ameri ny Lindell’s bounder that result- lobbying and trading will be re- Petsamo el es Ww bare purses was a rise in the {Ban Felt Most mS eneree ieee Speed doable ‘play <0: Stirn- vealed ‘when the assembly re-|Claim Grau San Martin Russia expropriated in: the Fin~|price of coal and rail transporta- members 500, gréatly in- a P! tir:

Of the changes coming into force aor, Cag agora ca and the travel have been the most may lrelt the most. by the: everage drive out the autumnal chill by by ie mi y the average turning on gas and electric fires. Britain.

ig the possibility of a ser-

ish- ussian Armisti settlement nish-R ice meat shortage. far, no

Hel; to Organize Force} of 1944.

Up by A by Army Without elaboration, the Exter- nal Affairs Department today an- Cuban wetates -scsused = Brecie | erivembenka ot incsionants; pes aos

senators a - payments of ents pro- :

dent Grau San Martin last night| vided in original Moscow proto-|But every time they do so they’ll rteserseor ts the este; paoces ee Pacer the firing of complicity in the organization} col of Oct. 8, 1944 under*which/watch their equ with Ea o 1045 tiar'n Pedopths on little Vic Lombardi, of an expeditionary force which | the Soviet undertook to give Can-|frightened expectation, remem- j*Une wirtaall the Nadeg) ae ada $20,000,000 in equal instal |bering how overtaxed power anu |means Virtua ly the cas’ of Pielke first pitch to right for a single, up by the Cuban Army and Navy | ments over a period of six years. |gas systems all but collapsed last (T° "er tae Nowembextonty Henrich’ lashed Lombardi's sec- to overthrow the government af| The new agreement was signed |winter under the loads. imposed |@me peng. Diver eee nae . ond delivery to him to right cen- the Dominican Republic. by Russian and Canadian repre-|by bitter weather. Keeniize of distance or bad bealth, tre and the half-pint southpaw

Senator Eduardo Chibas, an sentatives here | Monday | and les High ; uality for special allocations will of was in a jarfi. aspirant for the presidency in the| Provides that the $11,666,500 re- Stockplles os. fe able to aire thelr cars: national represen Jo 1948 elections declared in | maining to be paid, shall be pald) aithough stockpiles of coal at} The ban on foreign travel will terday’s 5-3 Yankee win, rolled statement published in the news-| in 0 equal instalments with the jas and electricity plants are|chiefly affect the hundreds of | Moy of Leonard W. Brocki

Britons who annually visit Swit- ton of Ottawa, as conciliator for

zerland for ‘winter sports, and 1 those who have been accustomed, a dang selina pr Provinces and | patter but Stirnweiss scored’ un-

ck to take short holiday jaunts to the low countries and to France. earthen free trae nae bet Union and the Packinghouse owners to agree on a. common concillator or concillators.” “There is no possibility now

tion, also effective today.

On the credit side was the lift- ing of the ban on domestic heat- ing—house-holders now

sumes voting at. 11 am.

© “Yesterday's long session of bal- loting, after Canada and Argeén-

% ES “-) tina won two.of the three vacan- cles on the first ballot, left th AE ectane with $8 and Inala with 29° deadlocked with neither hav- ing the necessary two-thirds ma- » Jority (38 votes) to win. Czecho- slovakia and Uruguay got eight votes each and a number of >. others. got one. va Canadd and Argentina each had ~, 41, votes’ on the ‘first ballot and »-- were declared elected. The vacan- *> cles are created by the expiration

intended, before.it was broken

Prensa Libre that the Cu-| final payment coming Dec. 31, /nigher than they were last year, hace 1951. Starting today payments |Britons know that labor condi- wit maga Ok a one ie cue gra

str’ Officials here declined to com-|te cspected

Price For 1948-49 Crop Wheat

ban president “betrayed the cause of Dominican liberty after hav- ing offered hospitality and re- fuge to the political exiles of their sister republic. .

“Grau, upon the pretext of liberating the Dominican Repub-

Under an unwritten and in- formal agreement elections to the six‘ non-permanént seats on the

lieved the new agreement stems from a Canadian-Soviet dispute at the Paris. Peace Conference a year ago during debate on the

lic from the dictator (President inning.

council follow-a basis of rough Raffel) Trujillo, was conspiring Finnish P. Treaty. . of the provinces relinqu: First Innings geographical representation. to suspend the forthcoming elec-| At that time the Canadian dele ° e : jurisdiction in the strike and the lds? first pitch to Stanky {FF Thus Canada ‘was assumed s, tions and. convert himself Info| gation had been maxing an eter’! TQ United Kingdom Set at $2 | Fetes jcoverament stepping ngeetit ie Oa She : have’ won the seat being vacated | the 3 : to scale down the reparations . ‘One of the obstacles to con- took two called strikes winest fo meniarel tie :

Senator Aurelio Aly@rez lead-| be paid by Finland to-Russia and aereemamemeeent next three er of the opposition accuse Grau| bad backed an American propos-| Ottawa, Oct. 1 (CP)—Prime| purchasing agency of wheat in| “lllation was ® clause in a state- ee reed finally went down of having “armed gangs which/ al that these be reduced from | xrinister Mackenzie King inter-| Canada, suppiles the British and|) Uy poe le tela pes urday | swinging. sought to invade the Dominican | $3,000,000,000 to $100,000,000 | © rs a | domestic market with $1.55) DY 2-aDOr Rinses omsider the| Reynolds needed only four This brought from the Russian | TUP meeting here! wheat, its sales to foreign coun- | ct% meeting ae pitches to strike out Robinson delegate a sharp attack on the | today ta.announce that $2 a bush-/ triey are at about world prices. strik@ which said workers must |< 10 ais went down swinging. Canadian attitude. el has been agreed upon as the} Under a contract signed last to tree | hareebthped Reiser swung at the first pitch He said that if Canada asked! price for; Canadian wheat to the} year, Canada agreed to ship Brit- | 5? move cou ta and flied to Lindell in left.

a reduction in the Finnish repar-| United. Kingdom for the 1948-49| ain. 600, ‘pashels of wheat | + ¥ No runs, no hits, no errors, ations, it'would be natural andj crop, compared with the present|in four years: 160,000,000 bushels | 44¥ that the Ontario Government | one eft. expeditionary force, ‘numbering | 1o&ical to raise the question of a | price of $1.55. in each of 1946-47 and 1947-48 at | Should impose a penalty of $2,000 | yankees, . 1,500 sri feud Is and | decrease in the sum which the/ The negotiations ended within} $1.55; 140,000,000 -in 1044-49 at a day on the Union for every day . eT oe aantnt tor Soviet was to pay Canada for| the last two days and both Lon-| $1.25 minimum and 140,000,000 in| Of the strike was said to hive| suirnweiss lined = Lombardl's pion nition her pire par iarey the Petsamo Nickel Mines. don and Ottawa announced to-| 1949-50 at a minimum of $1. caused surprise in governmensjfirst pitch to right field for a ammunition explosives,) Nothing was done at the time,| day that the $2 price had been| However, maximum prices for| circles. No steps in this direc- |single. which had been organized in! put it is likely that that was| reached. the last two years were to be'| tion have been taken, one gov-| Henrich took a called strike, Cuba to invade the Dominican|the beginning of Russia's effort |‘ Discussions on the maximum | settled by negotiation in the face | €™mment source said. then smashed a single owt Republic. to get a revision in the terms and | price for the 1949-50 crop—last| of existing world conditions, The one Canadian province |Stanky's head sending Stirn although the sum has not been| of the 600,000,000-bushel contract} Talks on the 1948-49 crop start- | Which has seized a packers’ plant, |to third. e ick Held For Smuggling reduced, the terms of payment|— likely will be opened next\ed recently while jculture | Prince Edward Island, announced | Jorgensen made 2 fine pichup have been relaxed. year. Minister Gardiner was in Europe | ‘hat the first day's operations jon Lindell's bouncer to fare Miami, Fla. Oct. 1 (AP) —| ‘The Petsamo Mines were form-| The $2 a bushel for the 1948-| attending the food and agricul-|Yesterday at Canada Packers, /and started a double play

by ‘Australia, another common- and pulled down Lombardi's

When successive bal'ots brought the ‘Ukraine no nearer than 34

Republic, In order to create an atmosphere of violence in Cuba and thus perpetuate himself in power.”

hit the next pitch past §# The army announced Monday ‘second that it had crushed the ambitious

\ what he claimed was the right to-have a Slav state succeed 4) Poland.


New Delhi, Oct. 1 —(AP) “4 Mohandas K. Gandhi will.be 78 years old tomorrow, He iy eqrcoen: the ae of the anniversary car saahiees in prayer and fast-

e occasiém, found the wiry “ete champion of Indian inde- pendence suffering from a slight attack of influenza, but other- wise In reasonably good health for his years.

- He is-planning 2 trip to the

Only current members of the cotincil were ineligible for election. é With a secret ballot it is. not om ofticially how the powers

The Ukraine was not believed + acceptable to either the United States or Botain, or to many -of| 7? the o because of the” harsh manner. in which its chief dele- gate, Dmitri Manuilsky, presided | “™, for a time over the political com- mittee at the last assembly.

I Security Council will

Vancouver, Oct, ‘1 —(CP)—

Montreal, “Oct. 1 (CP) The Two convicted murderers paid :

baseball pool racket on world aby RECOVERED

that has claimed

lives in that province since In- dia’s recent division’ into separe ate Hindu and Moslem states.

Coming Events

W.M.S. BRIDGE ST. UNITED CHURCR Thank Offerin: ene eegys af-

Manola Castro, Cuban director-/ erly owned by the Mond Nickel| 49 crop will come into’ effect|ture conference in Gen He | Charlottetown, saw. 50 hogsja flip to Stanky at second who general of sperts, has been re-|Company and the International | Aug. 1, 1948, and compared with| had discussions with Food Min.| slaughtered. ‘Ordinarily 300 relayed to Robinson ahead of leased under $5,000 bond after be-| Nickel Company of Canada. They | the current world price in Chica-| ister Strachey and after return- | 0ms are handled daily but Con- Lindell, Stirnweiss scored on the the| ing detained here in connection! were expropriated by the Soviet | go of around $2.80, ing home the negotiations were | ‘Toller Horace Wright expected |play. Lindell was not credited will alleged illegal exports of| when the Petsamo area of North-| While the Wheat Board, sole continued by cable. a speed-up today. with a run batted in. Ingle off arms destined for Dominican Re-|erm Finland, which formerly, be- Unionists refused to work until] DiMaggio blazed a sing 3 public revolutionaries, longed to Russia, was returned to psa received the 32 cents per |Reese's Bovethe s mepeteseg aed The Cuban sports leader de-jher in the armistice settlement of T Con ° ed e pee ad apcrente. mairson | a=. bd eg: i ae abies w pecs ae to eaanis anne a wo vict 60,000 Pp. I ited; Although only the “Ble Taree | McQuinn worked the count to from ther United States but Packers —Swift Canadian Com-|three and two and then went s 4 tates, eae Es Explosion . pany, Canada Packers and Burns |down swinging. bound over under $5,000 bond cape Murderers Pay Stapled Lott and Company—bave been affect-| One run, three hits, no errors, fseaarpet veer by a Federal © see : ery ed, livestock buying at the Inter- one left. re eee eton, a customs bur-, BY One in Million For Their Cri T; : continental Packers Limited st Second Innings eau spokesman said military- paced. or ranes ickets Seized 350 employees prepared for the | Dodgers pein airplanes, bombs and rocket} Green Bay, Wis., Oct. 1 (AP)— : | vote. The other vote was sched- terials had been fliegally ex-|Sam Collins muttered as he emp- uled for Winnipeg. Walker swung at a three and eaiel to Cuba where the Cuban |tied the second three-gallon can two pitch and lined to DiMaggio army-has announced the breakup = aes feng oe of apeniy in straight centre. . re of a fo ning circulating oil heater night. M CHARRED HULL | Johnso: ced over near beled ae sein er in the /°"“If this stove burns oll at this ioe os —— anering Pere series results reeled from a stag-|"™ | bones deep behind third base to Z tate we'll go broke,” he complain- pripen: tn nearby Burnaby munl- gering set-back in Montreal to- "iaburg, Oct 1— (AP Hiss camp oan Hgrmanski's high TWO YEARS FOR ed:to3 his wife. cipality as daylight was breaking | day the police selzure of 60,-jof the ill-fated feamship Iaand | fou! Ay. GRABBING PUESE He didn’t know how close both ip iste Reynolds ahrew three straight of them were to “going broke"— | Over this West Coast poit today. {000 printed and stapled tickets |Queen who escaped from the blaz-j 1.115 to Edwards, worked the Welland, Oct. 1 (CP) —|in more ways than one, Today he|, Hangman Arthur Ellis sprang) destined for sale, presses and count to three and two, and ‘after Michael’ Donovan, 41, of Hamil-|learned police and state oil in-|the traps on curly-haired Harry) 11 a ninery invaluable to Bruce fouled one off, Reynolds ton was sentenced yesterday to|spectors had been searching fran- | Medos, 22, and Davis Houston, ry it fanned him. two years after pleading guilty |tically for Mrs. Collins to warn 28-year-old Indian, simultaneous- | pool operators. No runs, no hits, ng errors, to.a $00 grab-and-run_ purse|her she had been sold six gallons |]¥ at 6:06 am. They were pro-| ‘The raid on a lotteries head- none left... theft in a bus-depot waiting room |of gasoline instead of the fuel |nounced dead 15 minutes later.) 0.5 in a north-end cellar here last July 30. Donovan, who|oil she'd ordered and that they |!t was the first multiple hanging cee in a cae ere [tl oni aploon by one |i pan Coupe Jat any [enerday cme ut wo, wets] Woe nn? vi a tae wee ma mille. tne brutal Rev. 3 saying of at. | iat, Pacifique Plante, Devuty| Hitler Was Worst Informed Mam

Beatrice Smith, cook at a Belizle esis aire, ieacomness that vernoan. 3 9" 1 Mr Inlet, B. C., loggi: Hand- | he m placed in charge f : back. Tito Warns Yugoslav Veterans jose tscmithisits hrg:|of te wer gina icteres ©!Ty Europe Says Former Secretary |732.2%sut™ts or cold- slay’ egal poo! lot mai a in other gaming operations. , St. Julien Chapter, LODE. ne x

About noon yesterday moral- ity squad detectives © went through a garage into the base- ment and until late afternoon men in shirt sleeves combed the musty, dimly lit cellar examining

By TOM REEDY ety caer on me = een} av- eats praisals except for owledge Nuernberg, Oct. 1 (AP) —|—_ or rather Tack of it. sr Adolf Hitler was the “worst-in-| Fraulein Wolf told interrogat- or uel arent ime ine eae Mere een irl pepelenl’: of ahe| tne: Ruokeee’ fealig’ Reet cation ranted rieve last week until unt app: of the} the Fuehrer new. t Sct, $2.) pending ‘rendering Pg | Papers and boxes and dismantl-| ruehrer was made by his own| he became all-powe: decision ‘on his appeal. against,| 9% equipment that included 8! secretary, lantern-jawed Johanna| ply of knowledge stopped be- rm states. conviction of murder for Boyes’ | Printing press, stitching and cut-| wolf, who at 50 still bears the/ cause he wouldn't listen to any-

The premier said “Imperiallsts| death. A third member of the | #28 presses rt countenance the Nazis thought] one. . charge us for that which we/ bandit trio, Douglas Eldan Carter, |’ Fifty thousand Wofld Serles| the ideal German woman. That probably explained Hit-

.2z| To Be Prepared to Fight if Need Be/faimex airrs.ccnc:

Henderson also to have died Henderson also wa sto have died

BARBARA DIMENT PRESENTS Dance Keeital, ape two feature pie tures to be held at Capitol Hed a) this evening. ‘Admission 300. o

RIDGE Oe nee (tke at. 6.15 : at nee Sth. th Behe eked 5 v Admission 3c, * $29-01

Belgrade, Oct. 1 (AP)—Pre-| doctrine as “nothing else than mier Marshal Tito called on Yu- habs ssention oe reteas peoee is - and other parts o e Leama veterans in a speech yes-) Word ria for the encirclement of the y “to be prepared at all| Soviet Union and other general- times, if necessary, to take up| ly democratic eastern arms and fight again.” “We are working as if there

will be peace for 100 or 500 years,| are not guilty of” in Greece and| died by police bullets duri cards were seized in the north-| Wedded to her. work in the] Jer’s insane idea that Germany| Yocstional School commence Thurs. oe ees repare ourselves as if} the Americans and British actu-| pattle Fae hicks "Constable x fee end raid and Ernest Pilon, §3,| Nazi party for many years, Frau-| was strong enough to push over] 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, Ist. ere war tomorrow,” .Ti-| ally were the culprits behind| ang G. O, Ledi. ngham were killed. | who polite, sald already was in Wolf still doesn’t know what/ Russie, Britain and the United] Ctasses will not open

to told the men'who had fought! Greece’s troubles. appened to crash down her| States rolled into one. | .

—_—___—_—_ ball of $500 pending sentence under him in the partisan move-) The “western imperialist front} » o99rxz oe, pa nad ees os IMMIGRANT another cha of opera house of cards. United States} Fraulein Wolf sald she last saw nie: to enroll. beer | PSRs ata We ast be| Mavs ious he, UBiea Me| MuLcOMRD = | eke td aa| Braet atau “eee | tar EU eS a] lek wich prepare ti does not mean tnt| log tema’ decaong whch] | Toronto, Oc 1 = (cP )—tes-| sind id ie amen on ote ung. er enya wine: | hard Bra Beau sny abe “vant | pos, ronget Fax PARTY AE only means that it is a good thing le and for other Balkan . | tice suite in the Coronation Buil- ‘of re ia ear pear pea arent dey bata t anisaita Soe, to be peop! ant to reach Canada un din idtown Bishop Street. well aware'of her go! ay ty | ler made it plain that he et not a Pun. prepared because in this| countries, but I declare that w e Ontario alr-immigration on. m 16,000 stapled and will have the last want to be captured by the Rus- WE? way way he: menace of war will be| will never permit anyone to play cohacies was greeted as he step- wNtereits ok, P the | sbout her future. sians. DONT. MISS “RUBINOFT. HIS en ppmow cL F the master in our country and| ped from‘a tas at nearby Mal- open Je is eo) aor on Her slant on Hitler Is a first-| “That's all he said.” : Violin, oming | Wednesday i ia pen Ieacoenr ro faces sane de ee impose his will, ton airport yesterday by Dana| Tes e or! Series} pand ont: She worked as secre-} Martin Bormann, too, was bye es rt egy re it can| Resistance to pressure depends} Porter, minister of planning and| £ames.and offering prizes total-/ tary fo pir and before that to posed to have been killed fn iets 338 Front get away most cheaply and make| upon “our not being shaken, not] development. ling $15,000, were seized. This! Redolf Hess, rnd deputy fuehrer rlin but Fraulein Wolf said} 8st. A tickets = >

the most profits out of it” being intimidated

known as‘ the “O) Tito described the Truman ! atomic bombs or venture) yas as 4 |


by threats of| He arrived with 37 ether im-

Red now secving ii she knew no! who ever saw Anything else.” | migrants, She is bat Posy

inclined even yet to give evidence of that.

. ~ f.

“Hiller, Ont, A gleaming white edifice proudly rears its and cross-crested belfry to the skies to the post of Lieutenant. Gover~ ere rees riry Le "ot Prince | Edward nor of No.8 district of the KI-| picton (Special) An unusual | County.

wanis ,Quebec-Maritime Ontario jcharge, that of theft two “It is. the new Hillier Anglican division at the conventiog, in peeing eth pra Church, proud monument to the Quebec City secon iene fit afternoon. Charged were labor and efforts of loyal ‘parish- ‘tingly recognized a regular | Bailey ae and poe wer. joners, scions of those: ‘pioneer’

ancheon couple ie weekly 1 re ard hd be horses, owned by Ross‘L.| families who “erected the first

jas compared with $3,2 structure on its first site over 100 for the same period in } years ago, and which was de-

- stro;

HOME AND SCHOO. successful Fear N tlintiag Weoreeane ee 2 Last Sunday, hundreds throng-

ed the grounds and church as

the formal dedication of the new

By. Fred P.

A. The election of Bruce Lattimer


946, until we reach stature of His

fulness/until we come to His last- kingdom.”

original Christ Church was one of the most historic churches in Eastern On‘



Bk Rg




: :


edifice was conducted by the n, Lord Bishop of Ontario, the Rt. Kingston this week. ante pe: Theme of the conference was: clergy of the district, The Bishop was attended by the Rev, Allen on which -Mrs. J. D. MclIn' School ‘Asoclath ns in Ba and 1 Falmer, thority mer tor of Marys ntario was the speaker. She| on flags, give dress told of Home and School work | “National Flag” and who upon Sermon by Rev. A. Smulth Evening demonstration discus-| ton, claimed he was not going to/gao] -here, Appearing * sions of methods which local as-j enter into any controversy with |tice of the Peace C. S. Rutter, late tor of the parish and Rural Dean were remand 3 ducted by Dr. R. C. Burr, chalr-| fing and making a distinctive roe the riders by night | service with the /Rev, Arthur spring. In 1873 the building was| Interment took place at Belle- man rare: health and recreation | Canadian flag, although he was|were not divulged to the pollce| smith, rector of St. Thomas| Proved, repaired, enlarged. | ville Cemetery and the committal -} Comm! Board of Education. Among those for them to leave Prince Edward | Church Belleville preaching the Burke. participating were Harry Hutton County via Belleville or Tren' sermon, The Rev. W. G. Hope| Among those present at the The bearers were Col. E. A. of the University; Mrs. McIntosh; J. BM. ra! stone which has been replaced in | Fred Chamberlain, Mr. William Benson, president, junior board dalene Church, Picton, and the rep! Connie! : f ( Rev. 8. H. Coleman, rector of the new church, was Rev. William Mr. Cleo Colling and and others. Pl of Picton, and rector for half a / ieee ans leted assisted, century of Picton's St. Mary Mag- | COURT ACCEPTS INJURED Quinte Motorcycle Special appropriate music was


Kingsto: Deseronto, Sharbot Lake, held in Rev. John Lyons, assisted by ‘Educating for Good Citizenship’ J, Anderson of Portsmouth, for- 1 Associations in Eastern | hear Fred Palmer,+aih authority |) introduction by Dorland Hous The Rev. Edmund Grant, rec- sociations might use was con-| respect to the changing of ‘the /yesterday, ea. | Of Pstnce, Edwérd conducted the | 1045; 7 completed © the following | tawa of the Municipal in favor of such a move, He|but it would have been im; ble Prominent Churchmen Attend, prayers were said by Canon ton director of extension at Queen's beeeee once an alarm had been | Swayne, rector of St. Mary Mag- original corner- | Geen, Col. E, O. Keeler, Mr. of trade, Kingston, Gerald Scott Macaulay, founder of the parish | Mr. Philip Burke. Amellasburg and Carrying Place dalene’s Church. MAN’S STORY OF ASSAULT

cP a So :

of bunting, lifted In the air with every color having a . certain meaning and the history of the

: Among th recto: : RESTAURANT EEG eer fag gone pack for many youre | Bw Merchants For | sd ' Dr. Wneatey, orsan- [nev °K, Mockridgs Rev: Haile | .Tinminn, Oct. 1.— (GP), —|| 346 FRONT. STREET ( was e fe show ' well, Rev. King, Rév. nley 08 a | a pessing Gtteen-year|Club Treasure Hunt |ses ot st. Andrew, St. George ee eee eee: | Fiating. tev: olliser teeta

ville, who was accompanied to

nose, a black eye, lacerated Businessmen 's Luncheons

; i E

and St. Patrick had been woven eeks and cut lips as evidence

old tn Ee the dedicatory service by 16] Pehcier Wright, whose widow re- 5 Served Dally

in Peterborough hospital early| xrembers of the Quinte Motor-| together through the yeas to SantaClausParade leaps of tne church Seis Mr, | Sides in Kingston and is Presi- pict given a terrible smash- 11.30 am. to 2.30 p.m. Sats morning. The ‘Brown youth | cycig Club gathered for'a treas- | make the Union Jack, that all} -" Wheatley played for- the ‘Zirst| dent of the Woman's Auxiliary | Iné by Frank Parsons of South pa Highway ie Smits teal y ure: hunt’ approximately a eg valk sho ed how, the n—Plans f Santa Cla time, the quaint old-fashioned tebe a et Ontarlc, ‘Rev. In’ detente Parsons told Ma- 2 5.30 npn py pg from ‘Sntles ‘east Norwood when he tance of one hundred miles at The speaker we ; Picto: ‘or a San’ us organ which was a ‘Rift to the ury, Rev, Canon A. L. Mc- gistrate S. ‘Atkinson ine South p.m. .00 p.m,

puinetting “ot Prince award flags at different periods of ja ng Prince Ww pricy first the mathept) St.|Chamber af Commerce. Messrs. | 7. antes me ah tale of George which was used by the |E. J. Willlams, W. C. Hicks, D. | St Phillip's Church, 0 of St. Mark's, Marmora; and the E t| Crusaders, secondly the cross of [Baxter, W. G. McLean, Colin Car-} The rector and his two war-| present incumbent, Rev. Edmund By money) was.discovered by Pete|St, Andrew and thirdly the cross ter, were named on the committee | denz, Walter Nind and Charles E.| N, Grant,

¢ Schreider; a consolation prize |o¢ st. Patrick, who contrary to|*? make arraggements for the: | Margetson made the formal re-

REXALL going to Frank Thorn. all history was a Frenchman, be parade, quest to the Bishop for dedica- 7 At the close of the hunt mem- Expected Here

yxy of crosses were incorporated into ‘was struck by an auto driven by sitleceraress several members real

: new church from the rector, Rev, | 2¢2%» now attached to the Grace ©, Claude Martin of Toronto. AN/in the ride; others were placed

Church-on-the-Hill in Toronto,

Porcupine court yesterday that Private Dining Room for otal Rev. J, M. Brownlle, now rector wactien

Remikos had attacked him with Weddings and

a knife and axe. Magistrate Atkinson didn't be- PHONE 31¢ eve him and Parsons was fin- Closeé All Day Every Monday. Srer-!

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