Guide to Stories Which Ran In the News In 1964

eral subject matter.

Editor’s Note: Following is a listing of some of the stories and articles which appeared in the News during 1964. This is by no means a complete summary of all articles, but rather some of the more significant stories. They are noted by the headline under which they appeared and are classified by gen-

Air Conditioning & Heating GENERAL

ARI Indicates Industry * %y Good '63, Sees Better ‘64. Jan. 6, p.

Kansas State’s New ae of Environ- mental Research Studies Air Problems for Many Fields. Jan, 6, p.

All Indicators Point to Improved Business for Every Segment ~" - Industry In Current Year, Jan. 20,

How Incentive Fst Ag Plan Provides Stimulant for Air Conditioning Salesmen,. Jan, 20, p. 26.

Phoenix Firm Saves $3,000-$4,000 After Re- organization of Three Prime Operations. (1) Jan. 20, p. 73.

(2) Jan. 27, p. 8.

Don’t Educate—Motivate, Reader’s Digest Ad Manager Urges; Create a Status Symbol and Then Appeal to Consumer's Ego. ‘“‘Make People Buy Air Conditioning Be- cause They Want It, Not Because They Need it."" Mar. 2, p. 5.

Dr. Steinle Reviews His Studies on Refrig- —s Chemistry for ASHRAE, Mar, 2, p. 11.

Retail Newspaper Advertising: Daniel Pack- ard Offers Specific Do's and Don’t’s, Mar. 16, p. 12.

New Products, Test Proced R ch Findings Featured In ASHRAE Exhibits. Mar. 16, p. 23.

“Heat By Light’’ Concept Being Tried In Northern Illinois Utility Bldg. April 6. n. 1.

Cooling Industry Makes Pitch at EEI Con- ference. April 13, p, 1.

NWAHACA Public Relations Director Sees “Survival of the Fittest’’ for Contractors. April 13, p. 10.

“Businessman’s Guide to Buying Air Condi- tioning’’ Can Serve as Sales, Promotion Guide for Industry. April 13, p. 22.

Two Cleveland Dealers Sell Home Builders on Their ‘‘Furnace-to-Barbecue’’ Service. April 13, p. 76.

Mild Climate Comfort Research Report: NWAHACA Study Reveals Results with Various Types of Systems In Year-Round Mild Climate Areas, April 138, p. 78.

Electric Heating: Quality of Product and Installation and Price Seen Keys to Reach- ing Goal of 19 Million Homes In 1980. May 4, p. 30.

Fundamentals of Compound Refrigeration Systems. (1) April 20, p. 8. (2) April 27, p. 43. (3) May 4, p. 44. (4) May 11, p. 41. A Review of Steam Pipe Covering. p. 32, Dept. of Commerce Issues Pamphlet on Vortex Tube for Personalized Cooling. May 25, p. 30. Oil-Fired Cooling Stirs NOFI Group. June

May 18,

8, p. 1.

‘63 Central Station Sales Slip as More Pack- ages Used. June 15, p. 1. Indianapolis Contractor Has Paradoxical Views, But Sales Chart Shows Steady Gain.

July 6, p. 10.

NAPHCC Votes to Admit Non-Plumbing Hydronic Heating - Cooling Contractors. July 6, p. 1.

Mutual Problems of Owners, Architects, Con- sultants, and Mechanical Contractors on Plans, Specifications Work.

July 18, p. 30. July 20, July 27, Aug. 10, Aug. 17, Aug. 24, p. Demand for Humidifiers Growing. Aug. 10,

p. 6.

Use—Don't Waste—Heat or Lighting. Aug. 17, p. 24.

'64 Is Air Conditioning Year, Sept. 14, p. 1.

Engineer Develops Composite Cost Estimate System Based on ‘‘Cfm of Treated Air.”’

Sept. 14, p. 5.

Gas Turbine Application, Sept. 14, p. 1.

Heat Pumps, Ducted Electric Heat: How They’re Selling and How to Apply Them. Sept. 14, p. 56.

Jacksonville, Brunswick Still Cleaning Up Dora's Debris. Sept. 21, p. 1.

Contractors Need Hard Look at Labor, Over- head Costs, Sept. 21, p. 7.

How Valuable Is ARI’s New Installation, Service Standard? Oct. 5, p. 1.

Today’s Central Air Conditioning Market. Oct. 5, p. 6

Infrared Heat Shows Strong 8-Year Growth. Oct. 12, p. 1.

The Utilities and Infrared Heat, Oct. 12, p. 5.

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Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News, December 28, 1964

_ -



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Refrigeration Institute In Karlsruhe Carries on Sparmeayaaente, Heat Transfer Studies. Oct. 12, p.

Who Exerts so Influence on Big Installations? Oct. 12, p. 30.

Space Conditioning Systems Take Aim at Entire Industry. Oct, 26, p. 1.

5 Wholesalers Talk It Up. (1) Oct. 19, p. 1. (2) Oct. 26, p. 24. (3) Nov. 2, p. 20. (4) Nov. 9, p. 82.

ARCA Reports on Moves to Improve Con- tractor Status. Dec, 21, p. 1.


Round, Compact Total Gas Energy School Has Economical e | System, Some Problems. Jan, 20, 18.

‘Medical Village’ Suites Get To-Order Sized Systems, Jan, 20, p. 36.

School District Experiments To Get Low Cost Classroom Air Conditioning. Mar. 16, p. 8.

Pace College Air Conditioning Installation Required Elimination of Voice Transmis- sion Through Ductwork, April 6, p. 10.

Conditioning of Gymnasium for Office Space at Scott AFB, April 6, p. 20.

Cooling for Research Lab Called for In- genuity In Design System, April 6, p. 23.

42 Separate Air Conditioning Units Will Be 7 to Cool Council Bluffs School. April

. 60. aie ‘Conditioning Included In School Design to Be Economical, Functional. April 13,

Pp. 62,

Contractor Demonstrates Versatility with 11 Cooling Jobs at the World’s Fair. April 27, p. 27.

Engineer ‘‘Throws Away the Book" to Cool Chrysler World's Fair Exhibit. April 27,

p. 34.

Enclosed, Cooled Malls Are Big Hit with Shoppers, Tenants. May 4, p. 1.

Warehouse System: Uses Condenser Air as Supplementary Heat Source, Protects Evap- reg | from Corrosive Fruit Vapors. May


Consulting Engineers Make Cooling System

a oy fl Item In New Hampshire.

May 11, Air Conditioning Makes Good In College. May 18, p. 1.

Heating Plant Checklist: As Warm Weather Approaches, Time Is Ripe to Inspect and Repair Heating Equipment. May 25, p. 15.

Underground Federal Center: Reveal Air Conditioning Details of Texas Facility That Could Serve as Nation’s Capital. June 1,

p. 24.

Special Heating System, Plastic Cage Keep Construction Going All Winter on North America’s Tallest All Concrete Building. June 1, p. 28.

Roof Top, Suspended Units Air Condition Vermont Dime Store; It Loses Only 5 Sq Ft of Floor Space, June 8, p, 26.

60-Ft, 4-Bin Grain Elevator Is Converted into An Air Conditioned, 34-Room Office Building. June 15, p. 31.

High Temperature-High Pressure Water Dis- tribution System Uses 4 Miles of Black

Steel Pipe. July 6, p. 6.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News, December 28, 1964

Ticket, Label Mfr. Buys Second Heat Pump— High Efficiency, Low Maintenance Cited. July 6, p. 9.

Cheese Warehouse: Flexible Control of Tem- perature, Volume of Air, Filtration, Venti- lation, and Humidity Vital In 46,000 Sq Ft Storage Area, July 6, p. 25.

Installing Rectangular Heating-Cooling Sys- tem In Round Building Offers Problems. Aug. 2, p. 6.

Heaters Prevent Rusting, Label Peeling In Canned Goods Warehouse In Sacramento. Sept. 28, p. 9.

Mayfield Senior High School Cited as Proof That Compact Air Conditioned School Can Save Money. Oct. 26, p. 6.

‘Instant’ Silencing Provides Quiet Environ- In Utility’s Headquarters, Nov. 23, Pp.


No “Down Time’’ Involved When Fusite Plant Gets Complete Air Conditioning In- stallation, July 20, p. 49.

Gas Industrial Heating, Cooling Gets Study at Bad Engineering Symposium, May 18, p. 14.

Engineers Cost Out Wide Choice of Heating Systems for Indianapolis Materials Center. Sept. 7, p. 25.

se mae Users Like Infrared Heat. Oct.

'. Pp. bd

Foundry System Combines Direct Fire Heat- ing with Cooling Coils In Same Air Stream. Oct. 12, p. 16.

How 34 of Bryant’s Units Heat, Cool Indian- aw Gas Air Conditioning Plant. Dec.


Measuring Machine Lab Must Have Near- Perfect Environment for Millionths-of-an- Inch Tolerances, Dec. 14, p, 28.


Apartment Owner Pays Heat Pump Costs, Cooling Runs 10% Less Than Estimate. Jan. 6, p. 44.

How One Dealer Got the Heating Contract After 3 Others Goofed Up. Jan. 20, p. 79.

Air Conditioning Really Necessary In Under- ground House at Fair. April 27, p. 33.

Formica’s Model House at Fair Will Have Large Cooling System for Large People- Load, April 27, p. 15.

Residential Air Conditioning Installed Value Up 39% In ‘63. May 18, p. 1.

Future Trends In Home Air Conditioning: ‘Electric Wind,’ Age Materials, Thermoelectric and Fuel Cell Techniques Discussed, May 11, p. 30.

14-Story Apt. In Santa Monica Is Gas Air Conditioned. May 25, p. 9. issouri Nursing Home Uses Electric Heat, Cooling for Varied Needs. June 15, p, 16.

Electric Heat and Air Conditioning Expected To Keep Apartment-Hotel Competitive. Aug. 31, p. 6.

Gas-Cooling the Motor Lodge. Nov. 9, p. 8.

How Heating Contractor Went About Making

a Comfortable House Even More Comforta-

ble. Nov. 30, p. 9.

Better MHeating-Cooling Council Changes

Policy on Home Cooling. Dec. 7, p. 1.


Owner Designed and Built Home Includes Separate Year-Round Systems for Living and Sleeping Areas for Total Comfort. Dec. 7, p. 17.

Air Conditioning, Heating for ‘House of Ideas’ Presented Knotty Design, Aesthetic Problems, Dec. 7, p. 34.

First ‘Certified Prepared for Air Condition- ing’ Fa Signed for 211-Home Project.

. 14, p. 1.


Auto Cooler Sales Close to 1.4 Million ('63 Auto Air Conditioner Sales). March 30, p. 1.

Wholesalers, Radiator Assn., Manufacturers React to Editorial on Automotive Air Con- ditioning. May 25, p. 8.

Canadian Pacific Develops Plastic Refriger- ated Container for Ship, Truck, Rail Transport. Dec. 7, p. 23.


Apartment Owner Pays Heat Pump Costs, Cooling Runs 10% Less Than Estimate.

Jan. 6, p. 44,

From 26th Conference—Commercial Heat Pump Application.

(1) Jan. 10, p. 52. (2) Jan. 27, p. 14. (3) Feb. 3, p. 16. (4) Feb. 10, p. 30. (5) Feb. 17, p. 10.

Heat Pump Installation In Connecticut Homes Shows Their Practicality In Colder Cli- mates. Jan. 20, p. 70.

Sixteen Manufacturers Listed In First ARI Heat Pump Directory. Aug. 24, p. 1. Heat Pumps, Ducted Electric Heat: How They’re Selling and How To Apply Them.

Sept. 14, p. 56.

How Valuable Is ARI’s New Heat Pump Installation, Service Standard? Critique by ARCA, Response by ARI, Oct. 5, p. 1.

Well Water Is Source for Heat Pumps That ee 56 Zones In Office Building, Oct.

utility Issues ages for Home Heat Pumps. Nov. 16, p. 1.

Commercial Refrigeration

Greater Use of Cooling, Conveyors, Food- Handling Equipment Predicted for Store of the Future, April 6, p, 28.

NCRSA Board Protests Direct Selling, Asks ap . to Restore Profit Level, May

» P.

Kitchens of Sara Lee Bakery Freezer Will

Use Special Refrigerant for Brine, June

8, p. 36.

National Sanitation Foundation—How Its Standards Skirt Refrigeration Industry. (1) Aug. 10, p. 24.

(2) Aug. 17, p. 28.

Multi-Deck Cases Increase Turnover, Profit for Food Stores. Aug. 24, p. 22.

Heat Recovery, Multiplexing of Refrigeration Units In Supermarkets Reviewed by ASHRAE. Sept. 14, p. 22.

Kroger Talks About Commercial Refrigera- tion, Sept. 21, p, 1.

Multipurpose Van Container Could Reduce Shipping Costs for Varied Perishables. Sept. 21, p. 15.

3 Ways to Avoid Condensation of Moisture

on Freezer Room Walls. Sept. 28, p. 16.

Comiengetal Refrigeration Distributor Lists 7 Ways Manufacturers Can Strengthen Outlets. Nov. 16, p, 25.

What Commercial Refrigeration Firms Should Do to Keep Wholesale Food Chain Ac- counts, Dec, 7, p, 18.

Scatena Urges Commercial Distributors to Quit Complaining, Put Houses In Order. Dec. 7, p. 32.


Kansas State’s New Institute of Environ- mental Research Studies Air Problems for Many Fields, Jan. 6, p, 20.

School District Experiments to Get Low Cost Classroom Air Conditioning. March 16, p. 8.

Links Form 12,000-Mile Chain Between U, of Illinois, Indian Tech, Institute. April 27, p. 14.

Indiana ARCA May Move Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Course to Purdue Campus. June 1, p. 14,

Federal Vocational Education Act Spurs ARI Drive for Local Action at High School Level. June 1, p. 15.

California Foundation Raising Funds to Advance Education In the Fields of Refrig- eration, Air Conditioning, Heating, June 1, p. 16.

Frigidaire Training Program Aimed at Young Men Who Are Looking for a Career In Service Work, June 1, p. 17.

How to Handle a Burnout on a Really Large System. July 27, p. 11.

Who's to Train Tomorrow's Refrigeration Mechanics? Sept. 21, p. 1.

Refrigeration Institute In Karlsruhe Carries On Thermodynamic, Heat Transfer Studies. Oct. 12, p. 24.

Electric Utilities Urge Refrigeration Service Courses, Oct, 26, p. 9.

Manufacturers Use Wholesaler’s Facilities To Demonstrate Products to Contractors, Dec. 21, p. 13.

Legal News and Trade Codes

FHA Issues Revisions on + pad atatieal

Requirements, Feb, 10, p.

All (Far From) Quiet on Licensing, Front. Feb, 10, p. 1.

Study Group Approves Journeymen Licensing Clause for Detroit. Feb. 17, p. 1.

Proposed Detroit Code Changes May Go Into Effect In Two Months. March 2, p. 6.

ASHRAE Spells Out Policy on Code, Stand- ards Activities by Chapters. March 16, p. 3.

FTC, Justice Dept. Find Abuses, Not Tllegality, In Dual Distribution. May 11, p. 11.

FTC Rules Ekco Acquisition of Heat Han- dling Equipment Firms Is Illegal. May 18,

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Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News, December 28, 1964


| | =z

Li] il,


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Tax-Exempt Organization Afford to Influence Legislation? IRS Speaks. May 18, p. 6.

New Electric Motor Standards Announced by NEMA for Open, Closed Induction Types. May 18, p. 17.

See Pattern In Action Settling N.Y, Walkout. May 25, p. 1.

Detroit Will Not Drop Oil Pressure Switch + i gpyeggeae from Code Proposal, May 25,

ARI Peller Statement Backs More Certifica- tion Activity. June 1, p, 1.

Uniform Subcontract Form by Council of Mechanical Specialty Contracting Industries Is Taking Hold with Contractors. June 8, p. 1


FTC Charges Association Attempted to Stop Wholesalers from Selling to Consumers. June 8, p. 9.

ARCA Sets Up Complaint Procedure to Handle Alleged Direct Selling Practices. June 15, p. 1.

‘Process Air Conditioning’ Qualifies for In- vestment Tax Credit, IRS Rules. June 22, p. 3.

Urges Government To Buy From Local Wholesalers, July 6, p. 1.

Extensive Changes Made In Los Angeles Codes. July 20, p. 1.

Two States, Two Cities Study Revision. July 20, p. 1.

UL Proposes Test for 3-Phase Protection. July 20, p. 1.

FTC Turns Guns on Buyer Asking Special Ad Funds, Aug, 10, p. 1.

ARI Publishes Installation Standard on Uni- tary System, Aug. 10, p. 1.

Excise Tax Cost Air Conditioning “gpecas $29 Million in 1963. Aug, 10, p. 1.

Philadelphia Gets 2 New Depositories for Mechanical Bids, Aug 24, p. 1.

Judge Orders New Apprentice Selection Methods for New York Sheet Metal Local. Aug. 31, p. 1.

ARI Prepares Standard Form for Turnkey Job Contracts. Sept, 7, p. 1.

NBBB Voluntary Ethical Practices Code gh a Air Conditioning Ads. Sept. 4

Court Dismisses ARW From Seattle Suit. Sept. 14, p. 1.

Wholesaler Sues ARW Again In Refrigerant Row. Oct. 19, p. 1.

ARW Says Suit Is Without —— Rips ‘Grudge’ Action, Oct, 19, p.

Proposal Would Update Siteeee Heating Code and Broaden Bureau's Jurisdiction. Nov. 2, p. 18.

A waes Dehumidifier Certification, Nov.

» =e

ARI Reports Growing Acceptance of Its

Standards, Certification. Dec, 7, p. 6.

Technical Articles

Research Has Had Specific Impact on Air and Temperature Control. March 2, p. 1. Dr. B. J, Eiseman, Jr., of du Pont Offers Another Viewpoint on Industry's ‘Sticky

Wax’ Problem. March 16, p. 10.

Bopp Thinks Too Much Solder Paste May Be Causing Rise In Expansion Valve

Plugging. April 13, p. 88. Radiation for Food Preservation, May 25,

Pp. 32.

Manufacturers’ Evacuation, Charging Methods (1) June 15, p. 33.

(2) June 22, p. 13. (3) June 29, p. 20. (4) July 6, p. 24.

Highlights of ASHRAE's Cleveland Technical Sessions, Aug. 10, p.

High Degree of Sophistication, Rapid Re- covery Rate Are Olsen Test Room Features. Aug. 17, p. 8.

ASHRAE Report Details Research Projects Currently Sponsored by Society. Aug. 24,

ASHRAE Session

p. 10. Glass and Heat Gain: Sept.

7 Disclose New Calculations. % % ' 3 Ways to Avoid Condensation of Moisture on Freezer Room Walls. Sept. 28, p. 16. Sound Control, Sept, 28, p. 20. How To Find Furnace Air Flow and Pres- sure for Selecting Blowers, (1) Oct. 12, 40. (2) Oct. 19, p. 28. Introduction Ay Solid State Controls. (1) Oct. 5, p. 32. (2) Oct. 15, p. 44. (3) Oct. 19, + 32. (4) Oct. 26, p. 28. bbe og of Pwater Coil Freeze Damage. Oct. 19, p. 9. Balancing Pair Distribution Systems (1) Dec. 7, p. 12. (2) Dec. 14, p. 24. (3) Dee. 21, p. 24. Computer Can Speed Accurate Duct Sizing for High Velocity Systems, RSES Told. Dec. 7, p. 14.

Tech Center

bar 7 Sounds of aes & Cooling. ) 5

Sound—Epllogue 7_ Three Parts. April 20,

March 2,


High eee Water Heating. 1

Define Terms.

Pp. § Total Energy Concepts—Let’s May 4, p. All-Electric Factories, May 11, p. 38. Motor Starting Current, May 18, p. 30. A Second Look: ~~ for Food Preserva- tion. May 25, p. District Chilled Water. June 1, p. 30. Hermetic Protection for Hermetic Motors. June 8, p. 23. bg Refrigeration, 1964, June 15,

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News, December 28, 1964

_— pO a

(4) Jan. 18, p. 15.

(5) Jan. 20, p. 62.

(6) Jan. 27, p. 13.

(7) Feb. 3, p. 32.

(8) Feb. 10, p. 24.

(9) Feb. 17, p. 16.

(10) Feb. 24, p. 20.

(11) March 9, p. 34.

(12) March 16, p. 30.

(13) March 23, p. 28.

(14) March 30, p. 18.

(15) April 6, p. 24.



= Metric System: Let Us Begin. June 22, . 22.

Heat Into Electricity, June 29, p. 19. Flue Gas for Water Ttreatment. July 6, p. 15. Chemical Refrigeration.

(1) July 27, p. 24.

(2) Aug. 8, p. 31.

(4) Aug. 17, p. 32. Air Conditioning for Schools. Aug. 24, p. 20. Operating Data on Large Contritugal “air Source Heat Pump. Aug. 31, p. 18. Computer Room Air Conditioning. (1) Sept. 7, p. 23. (2) Sept. 14, p. 44. (3) Sept. 21, p. 18. A Question About Chemical Refrigeration. Sept. 28, p. 15. Canadian Equivalent of Underwriters’ Lab- oratories. Oct, 5, p. 24. bss | _—, Generation of Heat Pumps, Oct. P. bee To Paint Galvanized Steel. Oct. 19, P. A Few + ate from the Soviet Union, Oct.

26, p. 22.

Mechanical Equipment and Building Struc- ture. Nov. 9, p. 36,

Compressor Failures Are Down, Nov. 16, p. 28.

A Little of This and That (A Definition of Total Energy Systems). Nov, 23, p.

USDA Comments on Dairy Display Cases. Nov. 30, p, 12.

Some Thoughts on Manufacturing Defects. Dec. 7, p. 35.

A Good Installer Puts In My Humidifier. Dec. 14, p. 17.

What Other Countries Are Thinking About and Doing In the Heating-Cooling Indus- try. Dec. 21, p. 25


Thermoelectric Refrigeration Recovering From Earlier Promotional ‘Black Eye,’ Seminar Told, May 4, p. 28.

Why Thermoelectric Air Conditioners Were Chosen for Johnson's Wax Offices, May 11, p. 43.

Consulting Engineer

A Consultant Looks At:

Fan Coil Units. Jan. 20, p. 78. Moisture In Roof Decks. ‘March 16, p, 16. Air Conditioning. May 4, p. 40. Bidding Procedures. July 13, p. 28. Consulting Engineers. A 14, p. 16. Ventilation. Oct. 13, p. Anatomy of Heating.

(1) Nov. 16, p. 22.

(2) Nov. 23, p. 18.

(3) Nov. 30, p. 14.

(4) Dec. 7, p. 36.

(5) Dec. 14, p. 22.

Consulting Engineers Make Cooling System A ‘Showcase’ Item In New Headquarters. May 11, p. 26.

Engineer Develops Composite Cost Estimat- ing System Based on ‘Cfm of Treated Air.’

Sept. 14, p. 5.

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News, December 28, 1964


A Survey of Burnout Clean-Up Procedures. (1) Jan. 20, p. 38. (2) Feb. 3, p. 28. (3) Feb. 10, p. 34. (4) Feb. 17, p. 13. (5) March 9, p. 14. Dehydrating a Refrigerant System. (1) Jan. 20, p. 6&4. (2) Jan, 27, p. 12. (3) Feb. 3, p. 38. A Serviceman Looks At A R-113 Chiller Gone Wrong, April 13, p. 24. A Centrifugal Chiller Problem, May 11,

p. 34. Using = When Testing for Leaks. July

6, p. 18. Service Engineer or Detective? Sept. 14, 46

p. 46.

Some Neo That Make Me Think. Oct, 5, p. 10. (1)

Some Jobs That Make Me Think, Oct. 12, p. 12. (2)

Equipment Serviceability, Nov. 9, p. 20.

The Lazy, Sloppy Serviceman and His Work, Dec, 14, p. 20.

Guide to Compressor Field Service.

(1) May 11, p. 42.

(2) May 18, p. 36.

(3) May 25, p. 21.

(4) June 1, p. 31.

(5) June 8, p. 5.

(6) June 15, p. 36.

(7) June 22, p. 29.

(8) June 29, p. 16.

Field Analysis of Hermetic Compressors.

(1) July 6, p. 13.

(2) July 13, p. 34.

(3) July 20, p. 28.

(4) July 27, p. 22.

Sheet Metal Shop Tools: Heating-Air Condi- tioning Contractor Cuts Time, Saves Money with New Equipment, Work-Flow Pattern. May 25, p. 25.

Cleveland Firm Helps Self, Customers by Pushing Heating System Service During Summer Months, June 1, p.

Small Town Serviceman: Long Hours, Varied Work Are Part of the Job, Says Former Detroiter Who Wouldn't Go Back Now. July 6, p. 8.

Customers Seem To Fnd Us, Aug. 17, p. 10.

L. A. Hourly Service Cost Is $10.06, Study Indicates. Nov. 2, p, 1.


Auto a: Sales Close to 1.4 Million. March 30,

63 LAS Station Sales Slip as More Pack- ages Used, June 15, p. 1.

‘64 Is Air Conditioning Year, Sept, 14, p, 1.

Heat Pumps, Ducted Electric Heat: How They’re Selling and How to Apply Them. Sept. 14, p. 56.

Who Exerts Purchasing oe on Big Installations? Oct. 12, p.

August, Year-to-Date Air a Sales Ahead of 1963 In Most Areas, Oct. 12, p, 46.

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=i | [J

26 GUIDE TO 1964 ARTICLES (Continned trom woceding nage) Mawel <Sotntes gle, Dent

Heating, Cooling Costs In Buildings. Nov. 16, p. 23.

ing It. April 27, p. 16.

1963 Found Marley Equipment Being Sold, Promoted on All Six Continents—Profitably. April 27, p. 29.

Think International, Aug. 3, p. 9.

3M In the International Market, Aug. 3, p. 10.

Trade Fairs: Their History, Variety, and Profit, Aug. 3, p. 12.

Europe's Strong Boxes, Aug. 3, p. 14.

Italian Market. Nov. 9, p. 19.

=e ‘Multinational’

Pluck of the Irish, "Des. Fl ~ & . J e*,@ Union Activities See Pattern In Settling N. Y, Walkout over Negro Job Applicants. May 25, p. 1. Indianapolis May Set Pattern = Management Relations, July 6, American Air UAW Sign elias, Con- tract, Aug. 17, p. 1. Judge Orders New Apprentice - Selection

Methods for N. Y. Sheet Metal Local. Aug. 31, p. 1.

Business Operations

Wholesaler Urges Colleagues Use Display Techniques to Lure More Customers, Sales. Jan. 20, p. 5.

How Incentive Compensation Plan Provides Stimulant for Air Conditioning Salesmen. Jan. 20, p. 26.

Phoenix Firm Saves $3,000-$4,000 After Re- organization of Three Prime Operations. (1) Jan. 20, p. 73.

(2) Jan. 27, p. 8.

The Lady Contractor: Widow Started Out ‘Pretty Dumb’ But She Knows Her Heat- ing-Cooling Business Today, Jan, 20, p. 75.

How One Dealer Got the Heating Contract After 3 Others Goofed Up. Jan, 20, p. 78.

Retail Newspaper Advertising—Daniel Pack- ard ‘“ % Specific Do’s and Don't's, March 16, p. 12.

Two Cleveland Dealers Sell Home Builders On Their ‘Furnace-to-Barbecue’ Service. April 13, p. 76.

‘Car 54 Where Are You?’ Dealer Uses Radio To Contact His Field Servicemen, June 8, Pp. 10.

Employe Salary Continuance Program Begun By Approximately 90 Members, ARW Re- ports. June 8, p. 29.

Up .82% from 1962: CSA’s 1963 Operating Cost Survey Sets Wholesalers’ Profit at 2.14%. June 15, p. 11.

Profitable Service: Is Basically Good Manage- ment; Here’s How It’s Done, June 15, p. 38.

Is Distributor’s Scheme.

Three-Minute ‘Humidifier Sales. Aug. 17, p. 81. Contractors Need Hard Look * Labor, Over-

Look, Sept. P.

The Utilities and Infrared Heat, Oct. 12, p.

Who Exerts Purchasing ag on ‘ble Installations? Oct. 12, 30.

Refrigerant Alone Doesn't Puake a Heating bens png a_ Refrigeration Wholesaler, Oct. 19, p. 24.

5 Whcksauines Talk It Up.

(1) Oct. 19, p. 1

(2) Oct. 26, p. 24. (3) Nov. 2, p. 20. (4) Nov. 9, p. 32.

A Conversation with NHAW Executives. Nov. 238, p. 9.

Augenstein Urges Wholesalers to Avoid Un- profitable ‘Traps.’ Nov, 30, p. 1.

Deciding When to Replace Trucks, Nov, 30, p. 10.

How Manufacturer Can Use Taped Messages To Supplement Efforts of Sales Staff. Dec. 14, p. 2.

Commercial Distributor Must Sell Customer, Manufacturer On Ability To Complete His Marketing Functions. Dec. 14, p, 12.

How One Firm Collects Past Due Accounts: ‘Friendly, Sincere, Businesslike’ Approach. Dec. 14, p. 18.

Better Management

Planning, Thinking, Dreaming, Making Vital Decisions—Not Repetitive Operations—Man- agement Function, (Re Fall Convention of Northamerican Heating & Air Conditioning Wholesalers Assn.) Jan. 13, p. 6.

Managing Your Business.

A Subjective General oo of the Industry Situation. Jan. 20, 20. ag Labor Costs, Unapplied Labor.

Feb. 10, 14,

More Aeon Unapplied vs, Direct Labor. Feb. 17, p. 22.

Omens Unapplied Labor, April 13, p.

How Much Should Your Business Grow? May 11, p. 14.

Analysis of Dealer Operating Averages. June 1, p. 32 (1).

Analysis of Dealer Operating Averages. June 15, p. 35 (2).

Analysis of Dealer Operating Averages. June 22, p. 28 (3).

Uncontrolled Materials Costs May Be Ex- cessive, Oct. 5, p. 30.

Working ‘Smarter’ ~ \ imate Materials Costs. Oct. 19, p, 14.

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